Do you know cake for dogs ??


The beginning story of Bake n Bone is owner become the pet lover. They want to produce the best product for their pet and treat them as one member of a family. The slogan of Bake n bone is they always give the best products to your dog. Unfortunately, in the dog food market mostly made from scraps meat that is not good in quality and it not same with beef or Meat that we eat. These are the reason why we love to produces dog food by ourselves.

Our desserts are made from the best quality ingredients such as salmon, beef, natural honey, which is good for dog health. For salmon oil that comes from Norway, give nourishes the hair and nourishes the heart.

For Unicorn Cake, inspired by a cat that not want to eat vegetable and the owner want to make the new cake that mixes good quality and nutrients such as broccoli, pumpkin, purple potato and tuna moose that give protein, vitamin, and fiber to our lovely pet.

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