Dog Agility Competition & Games

Dog Agility Competition & Games

Agility is a dog competition open to all healthy and physically fit dogs. The aim of agility is for dogs to negotiate different obstacles in a set order and within a set time. It is an educational and sporting activity intended to assess and enhance the dog’s intelligence, and to improve its integration into society. It requires a good rapport between dog and handler, leading to a perfect mutual understanding. Competitors must therefore be familiar with elementary training and basic obedience. This year, the winner will receive a “Trophy of Honor”

Rules and Regulations

  1. The score recording will count from dog ability to do activity in a set order and within a set time.
  2. If there are any “Faults”, the judge will add 5 or 10 seconds extra time
  3. If the dog can’t pass through the obstacle, the connection point, or plastic zig-zag will be faulted, the judges will raise their two hand up and add 10 seconds extra time
  4. If the dog fails in jumping across barricade, a handler who touches the dog, or an obstacle will be counted as “fault”,The committee will raise 1 hand and add 5 seconds extra time
  5. If the total faults are the same, the fastest dog will be ranked first
  6. A handler who gains an advantage by helping dog while competing will be faulted, The committee will add 5 second extra time
  7. If a handler cannot control their dog while competing, the committee will give an appropriate punishment.
  8. Do not allow a handler to scold, snatch or violate the dog
  9. The committee reserves the right to give penalty to a handler who does not follow their advice.
  10. If the dog is defecating or urinating while competing in the field, the dog will be immediately disqualified
  11. If the dog cannot jump or play with the obstacle, it has to pass to the next obstacle.

Dog Agility Trophy


Agility Fun Game

  • Thursday             4      July 2019         Time 10.00am. – 08.00pm.
  • Friday                  5      July 2019         Time 10.00am. – 03.30pm.

Dog Agility Competition

  • Sunday                7       July 2019         Time 04.30pm. – 06.30pm.

Playground Zone, Hall 5-6 IMPACT Muang Thong Thani

Competition Host

Organization: The Ultimate Dog Club (UDC)


Dog Agility Competition 300 Baht


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