FCI Thailand International Dog Show

FCI Thailand International Dog Show to win Honored Trophies

Over 2,000 dogs to compete for the trophy of honor by judging from professional committees around the world. With the expertise and the most fair judgment. Hope you join in encouraging the Best in Show to show the best breed of dogs that are the most perfect for dogs that enter the contest. For the winner of the contest will receive a prestigious trophy with international reputation and international standards.

Competition details

The competition is divided into different types of dogs. The main points will be divided into 3 Levels: Baby, Puppy and Breed which will have rules in the judgment of each dog level and species. Which the winner will receive a trophy in each level each species.

Date: 5 – 8 November 2020
Time: 10.00 am. – 08.00 pm.
Location: Hall 9 – 10 at IMPACT Exhibition & Convention Center, Bangkok, Thailand

Competition Host

1. Mr. Thana Achariyawan (Thailand)
3. Dr.M.L. Apiwut Kasemsant (Thailand)
5. Mr.Ekarat Sangkunakup (Thailand)
7. Mr.Thammarat Ngampromsakul (Thailand)

2. Dr. Passiri Nisalak (Thailand)
4. Mr.Noranart Rattanasakvibool (Thailand)
6. Mr.Satranon Rohitrattana (Thailand)
8. Mr.Suebpong Panpruet (Thailand)

Apply and contact for more information by The Kennel Association of Thailand (KATH)

The Kennel Association Of Thailand (KATH)

Phone: +662 539 8394-5
Fax: +662 539 8405-6
Email: info@kathailand.org
Business hours: Monday to Saturday, 09.00 – 17.00 hrs.

For More Information: www.kathailand.org