The Trend of Pet business

Pet business trends to grow up rapidly each year

Now a day, pet is a part of life and has an influence on human society. Older people who have few children, love to make pets as friends or even take care of them as their children. This reason causes the number of dog society growing up, including the pet café and many businesses as relating to pets are increasing rapidly.

Overall, the pet business in the year 2017 was valued at 2.93 ten billion, up to 10% increased from last year.

  • Animal Food Business is the major in market share of the animal food industry.
    45% valued at 1.33 ten billion.
  • Animal health care such as hospitals, clinics, spas, massage parlors, hotel training schools and other services, are 32% of the market share, valued at 9,300 million baht.
  • Other related products such as clothing, accessories, toys, are 23% of market share valued at 6,700 million baht.

The important factor of their business is the lifestyle of people that tend to be single and married couple with no children. Social media and whereby the pet lovers use to share and post pet video clips is also play a part in booming the pet market. The consumers who in the middle class and have the power to buy, they choose to buy a pet to fulfill their life and it makes the trend of breed animal is growing up.