VET 4 at Thailand International Dog Show 2019

VET 4 at Thailand International Dog Show 2019

Encounter Health Check-up by VET 4 Hospital, Animal Health Rehabilitation Center that providing Acupuncture Services, Ultra Sound Massage, Eye Clinic and Heart Disease Clinics, including Heart Electrocardiography (ECG/EKG). There are premium gift for visitors at booth
Health Check-Up programs are:

  1. Health Check-up and vaccine (4-7 July 2019, 01.00pm. – 06.00pm.)
  2. Electrocardiography (ECG/EKG) Service (4 July 2019, 3:00pm – 6:00pm)
  3. Eye Check-up Service (5 – 6 July 2019, 03:00pm. – 06:00m.)
  4. Acupuncture and Ultrasound Massage Services (7 July 2019, 03.00pm. – 06.00pm.)
  5. Registration for blood donation and to receive souvenir.
  6. Participation in any activities to receive a souvenir.
Electrocardiography (ECG/EKG)

Electrocardiography (ECG / EKG) is the way to cheek-up heart disease in the dog, which will help indicating the direction of electrical conductivity in the heart that starts from the origin whether indicates a dog’s heart is normal or not. Mal condition abnormalities detected by ECG can help diagnosing Electrocardiography Arrhythmias.

ECG is the simple and convenient way to check-up and measure heart wave via small conductive electronic that placed in a part of the body such as the 4 legs or the chest, and then recording the ECG graph on the paper. This process takes 10-15 minutes. But, sometimes we cannot find the mal – function electrical wave from the dog by using normal heart check-up because if the heart doesn’t work hard it will not show the result. In this case, a specific Electrocardiography is needed, such as a 24-hour ECG recording on same part of the dog’s body and allowed the dog to go back home and do normal activities in order to check-up heart wave. This will help estimating the heart rate and giving the right result.

6 Types Eyes Check-up Clinic

Because of the eyes is the windows of the heart, caring for the eyes of pets is very importance. Pets cannot communicate with us by speaking, but they are able to express in the emotions through eyes. In their case of injured eyes, the pet may blinks often with tears and matted. This is a signal of symptom in your dogs. You should take your dog to hospital in order to check up as below

  1. Check the vision of the eyes.
  2. Check the amount of tears
  3. Check blood – pressure in the eyes
  4. Check the eyelid
  5. Check the cornea
  6. Check the eye lens

VET 4 Eye Clinic is ready to provide eye check-up services for dogs without charge at SmartHeart presents Thailand International Dog Show 2019

 Date/Time       5 – 6 July 2019, and 03.00 pm. – 06.00 pm.

The Acupuncture for Health in Dogs.

When talking about Chinese Acupuncture, most people would think of treatment for the sick people. And this it has been recognized in Thailand for decades. For the pet, acupuncture may be new for many people and their pets.

The acupuncture in dog has been practiced extensively for more than 50 years, however, in Thailand, it has been know just over the past 10 years, it has been practical more and more. As the result of the acupuncture is quite good, especially neurological diseases and pain relief various condition. The acupuncture has become increasingly popular among veterinarians and animal lovers. Many of you may wonder ‘How can the acupuncture help the dogs?” “What kind of symptom that we should take to get the dog acupunctured.

Not only that the acupuncture is used for a treatment for disorder and pain as mentioned above. But also for many diseases such as osteoarthritis in older animals. Acupuncture can be used concentrate with modern medicine or herbal medicine, applied for treatment in other diseases; such as kidney disease, heart disease, gastroenteritis, etc. The acupuncture will make the animals get better, and reduce the usage of some certain drugs faster.

In term of diagnostic, the Vet has to diagnose by using technic together with the Chinese Philosophy; the duration of yin and yang.

In any animal lover curious about Acupuncture in Pets, just stop by to lark our vet at VET4 booth, at SmartHeart presents Thailand International Dog Show 2019

Date/Time   7 July 2019, 03.00 pm. – 06.00 pm.