The largest and only dedicated “B2B2C” dog exhibition in ASEAN, takes up over 10,000 square meters of exhibition space at Hall 5 and Hall 6. Over 200 local and international exhibitors will be showcasing the latest dog care products, food, dog owners and dogs.

Show Objectives
  • To be a business platform to connect with the right targets
  • To be a comprehensive market place of dog products and services
  • To be an entertaining stage to build up relationship between dogs and owners
  • To be a learning center to provide knowledge and know – how to raise up the dog
  • To be an arena of International dog competition
Exhibitor Profile
  • Dog food: Dog Food, Chew, Threats
  • Dog Beauty: Shampoo, hair lotion hair care, hair spray, protection spray and germ killer
  • Dog Equipment : Dog Grooming Equipment
  • Dog products: cages, dog houses, toys, food trays, collars, leashes, etc.
  • Dog Apparels: Fashion Clothes, DIY Costume, etc.
  • Dog Farms: Pedigree certificate breeds
  • Dog Health: Medicines, Vaccines and Supplements
  • Dog Services: Hospital, Clinic, Dog training school and exercise services, etc.
  • Pet Friendly Attractions & Accommodations
  • Pet Media: Printing media and Pets Magazines
  • Charity Projects: Foundation and Shelter for stray dogs, “1 Baht for our best friend” Charity campaign
Number of Visitor
  • Dog Owners and Dog Lovers
  • Manufacturer and Pet Supplies
  • Importers and Exporters / Wholesalers and Retailers
  • Pet farm and Pet shop
  • Veterinary, Hospitals and Pet Treatment Clinics / Dog Grooming Businesses