Dog in Hawaii


The word that comes from the Hawaiian language that we familiar is the ukulele and the word aloha that mean Hello/ Goodbye. Hawaii is very unique country and language that have only 13 consonants and only Hawaiian speak the language but in present the government launch new legal rule to not allow people in Hawaii use Hawaiian language but people must speak English to be the official language.

Hawaii is the first country to regulate the owner of the dog that barking loud noisy and disturb other people. A police officer can issue a dog owner order that cannot control his pet. As any dog make noisy for a long time it’s should go for training. When this new law launch, there must be a group of animal lovers out to against. Laws allow dogs to treat specialists. Instead of being seized by an officer by Dr. Carl Ogus of the Dog Psychotherapy Center in Hawaii. Identify that the dog does not stop whining barking. Mostly because it’s boring. The owner should communication with the pet does to understand each other and the owner should take good care to your pets. He advises owners to play with dogs often and do some activities together.