Dharmarak project (Phrabat Nampu Temple)

“17 Years Smart Heart Presents Thailand International Dog Show 2018” by IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd. in collaboration with Thai Pet Products Industry Association, the kennel Association of Thailand and Perfect Companion Group Co., Ltd. Invites volunteers to join and develop shelter and donate food to homeless dogs and disadvantage dogs Including dog cage repair and landscape painting then donations for more than 100 dogs that lack of help. We go on Friday, June 8, 2018, at the Dharmarak project (Phrabat Nampu Temple), Lopburi

For anyone who wants to donate some money, can be donated at savings account, account name, Pornphan Bulner, Bank of Ayudhya, IMPACT branch, Muang Thong Thani, account number 456-1-06574-1

Ms. Pornphan Bulner (Project Assistant Director, IMPACT Exhibition Management Company) said, “For this project is a project for the dogs that we continuously donate in every year because she saw the endless help the more you help, the more you feel satisfied. Because of now there are more and more abandoned stray dogs. As well as dogs that have been hurt, disabled and abandoned have also increased So I think that if we help each other, donate a small money it can help. We will use the money to donate to adjust dog home stay, buy food for the dogs. In this year we went to help with the project. Thammarak (Phrabat Nampu Temple), Lopburi Province. For anyone who wants to make merit, donation can be made at Savings account, account name: Pornphan Bulner, Bank of Ayudhya, IMPACT Branch, Muang Thong Thani, account number 456-1-06574-1 The project would like to thank you instead of the dog at this opportunity. ”

For anyone who has already transferred the donation, can send photos to Inbox to collect and donate.

For more information 02-8335122