Dog’s Exercise

Dog’s exercise is importance? The answer is very important because the dog needs good health too. Even your dog is very cute and shaggy but it wants to be smart and healthy. Our dog needs to exercise two parts: the body and the brain. The best way to exercise for dogs is to run and practice various skills together with the owner. Therefore, activities that should be done with the game, such as when the dog is able to achieve the goal or succeed it should be rewarded. Maybe to give a snack to show the dog that he is doing well. Let him remember the action that he will receive a reward. This method makes you and your dog more closely together. And make the dog feel “I want to play again” makes our dogs feel fun, relax stress.

Exercise advantages for the dog

  • To reduce the risk of disease
  • To make good health
  • To reduce stress, increase relaxation
  • To be a fun activity for your beloved dog
  • To be activities that spend time together.

How long should take the dog to exercise
In the morning or after waking up, stretching muscles to be flexible. Dogs will stretch, stretch like a human. Because of the night lying in the same position for a long time, may cause fatigue as well as people.

The time that should be taken for a dog to run is 15-30 minutes and can be repeated once a week or at least once a month.