Valentine day

Valentine’s Day has existed since the Roman Empire. In Rome, the 14th of February would be a celebration of Juno. Which is the queen of the gods and Roman goddesses The Romans knew her in the name of the goddess of women.

“Valentine’s Day” What is the true meaning?
The meaning of having this Valentine’s Day is to help young people find ways to match each other’s relationship with a pure heart. Which has existed since the Roman Empire that will have a dating tradition every year on February 14th, will take the opportunity for the young people to present themselves as lovers for a period of 1 year. This period will be called as a friendship experiment to see that both have match each other. The Romans were believers in the gods and various sacred things, it is believed that they have a god, which he asked to be a caretaker of his love. During the trial period as a lover, that year, this god is a woman named Goddess Juno Februata. Which according to the Roman mythology is the wife of Jupiter, the great god

But everyone would be confused about where the word Valentine came from. The answer is a young Roman Christian. Not respecting gods or goddesses He then turned to find a saint in the Christian church. Celebration Day on February 14, which has this Saint Valentine therefore borrowing his name as a patron instead of the original gods of the Romans and born as a valentine day since that day.

The words “You are my Valentine”, which is often written on Facebook, which the sentence according to the original meaning means “I would like to present you as a close friend for a period of 1 year and I am ready to agree to marry You If our friendship is enduring.”

For Thailand, young people often give flowers to their loved ones in order to know that we value lovers. Some people go to date dinners for chocolates and gifts. To represent love from the bottom in their heart.